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Happy 2011! January 10, 2011

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Happy 2011, everyone!  I hope you haven’t given up on your new year’s resolutions yet, because I have a feeling 2011 is going to be one heck of a year.  I have a feeling 2011 is going to be My Year.  What are my resolutions for 2011? 

-Buy a house (our very first!)

-Graduate from college (Finally!)

-Take a vacation (well, why not?)

This year is going to be a year of change, so in honor of the new year and new beginnings, I’ve suggested 25 easy ways to make a change in your life.  Pick a few or try them all!

-Wear sunscreen.  Everyday!  Even a low SPF will better protect your skin and make you look lovely

-Journal.  Write a little everyday, every week, every few weeks.  It’s tough to commit to writing, but these are the best days of your life!  Don’t you want to remember them when you’re old and senile?

-Read.  Add some wrinkles to your brain!

-Volunteer.  Nothing will make you feel better, I promise.  Pick something you’re good at and use your talents to help the less fortunante

-Eat more veggies.  I know, I know…asparagus is stringy and weird.  I don’t care!  Veggies are good for you, so add them to every meal!

-Stop overwashing your hair.  It’s hard for me to pass on shampoo every other day too, but the professionals swear by it.

-De-clutter your space.   If your space is organized, your mind will be too.  Take a day and get rid of the four-year-old magazines beside the toilet.

-Say “I love you!”.  Nuff said.

-Exercise.  Need a great workout?  Try a Beach Body program.  It will kick your booty, but you will see amazing results (as long as you don’t cheat!)

-Remember.  Create a scrapbook, memory box, or photo album to help you remember the best year of your life!

-Call.  Haven’t spoken to Grammy in a while?  Don’t wait til the next holiday to talk to her. 

-Try something new.  New food, new style, new job…what do you have to lose?

-Face a fear.  I hate worms, but I killed one in my bathroom the other day in order to protect my child (who was three rooms away) from it’s squiggly grossness.  Whatever, it felt great!

-Wash your bed linens.  I know you’re not doing it once a week like you should!

-Send a thank-you card.  It’s a lost art, but it’s so nice and it will make you feel good

-Take a personal day.  Americans work too hard…if you’ve earned a personal day, take one!

-Pursue a passion.  Last year, I wanted to learn French.  Today, I only know about 30 words, but it’s 30 words more than I knew last January!  (PS, A great language-learning website is

-Buy sexy underwear.  I KNOW you don’t have as many as you should.  

-Play.  With children.  With your partner.  With yourself ;)

-Get eight hours of sleep.  After you’re done playing, of course!

-Make peace.  With your ex, your sister, or yourself.  Don’t wait til next year!

-Kick the habit.  Do you smoke?  Swear?  Sext?  Kick the habit and feel better about your self control

-Donate.  You might have extra money, time or resources.  Whatever it is, donate a little to someone in need.  Are you a broke, busy hermit?  Take the easy route and support a meaningful cause at  The Petition Site!

-Analyze.  Life is short.  Take a look at where yours is going and make a change if you don’t like what you see.  It’s never too late to be a better you!

Happy 2011, everyone!  Let’s make this our best year yet!


Winter Favorites! December 2, 2010

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Oh, it’s snowing in Western Pennsylvania!  Since it’s the beginning of winter and the holidays are right around the corner, I’m still in love with the idea of cold, wintry days (See me in February, though, and it will be a completely different story). 

With Hanukkah starting last night and Christmas just a few weeks away, I figured it was time for a few of my favorite things–Winter 2010 edition:

-Need help with gifts?  This bacon wallet cracked me up!  Love it, love this website

-It’s cold out there!  Warm up with some spiced apple cider (there’s even an “adult” version!)

-I love sending photos of my kids in with my Christmas cards.  Get inexpensive prints and great photo gift ideas here

-Give back!  This non-profit organization’s cause touched my heart.  For more information visit their website here

-Last year I made the New Year’s Resolution to start tweeting.  Become a part of the Twitter craze this holiday season!

-My Christmas decorations are kind of hit and miss.  For holiday decorating tips from the professionals at HGTV, visit their website!

-I don’t care what anyone says about how they look…Uggs are soooo cozy and make great gifts!

Happy Holidays everyone!


Dear Blog, October 19, 2010

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Dear Blog,

Self-exploration is hard…stop making me feel guilty about neglecting you.

Thanks a bunch,



Garbage Day September 29, 2010

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Wednesdays are garbage days at my house.  This morning I peeked through the window at the lovely garbage men taking away this week’s trash.  Firstly,  I say “lovely garbage men” because the two young guys that run the route through Slippery Rock are some of the nicest public service workers I’ve ever known (unlike the postal workers…where do they find those people?).  They always wave hello, they always take away whatever crazy items we happen to set out for them (mattresses, exercise equipment, a bajillion disposable diapers…), and they never try to run over my obnoxious dogs that love to harass them while they work.

Secondly, watching my garbage men work made me consider the future for my children.  What will the world look like 30 years from now?  50 years from now?  When my kids are old enough to have their own kids, will they even want to?  Or will their world be such a mess having children would be an act of irresponsibility?

So in honor of the great garbage guys of Slippery Rock, and in an effort to make this world a little more lovely for the next generation, here are a few ways to make your lifestyle a little greener:

1)  Wash with cold water.  About 90% of the energy used in laundering is from heating the water.  Only use hot water for very heavily soiled items like poo and spit-up stains.  Also, try to re-use items that haven’t been worn or used for long (hats, pajamas and towels can all be used more than once before washing).

2)  Grow your own herbs.  I’ve never been great with plants, but herbs are (for the most part) super easy to maintain and take up very little space.  Herbs like parsley, rosemary, basil and sage only take a few weeks to sprout and can sit right on your windowsill.  For a whimsical touch (and extra “green” points), plant your herbs in teacups, empty candle jars or tin cans (peel off the manufacturer’s label and get your kids involved with redecorating their own personalized labels!).

3)  Shut off the water.  When you’re brushing your teeth, doing your hair, washing the dishes–shut off the water when it’s not in use!  This is such an easy green tip, but it goes without saying that the environmental impact is huge.  Teach your children early to do the same!

4)  Make your own toys.  If your kids are anything like mine, they have a box stuffed full of toys, but they only play with about a fourth of them…or less.  Sure, new fancy plastic toys can be fun, but most of the toys my kids love are soft and cuddly bears, puppies and dolls.  And they’re so easy to make!  Try these instructions for making your very own rag doll.

5)  Shop locally.  See those little stands on the side of the road?  Or the signs advertising for the farmer’s market?  Shop there.  Buy fruits, veggies, fungi, bread and loads of other good stuff there.  It’s good for the earth, good for your body, good for your community and good for the economy.  What else is there to say? 

These are just a few tips to help your family live a more green lifestyle.  Let’s work together to make the earth we leave behind for our children a little better, and the work we leave behind for our garbage men a little easier!


Unforgettable September 25, 2010

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Last night I went to the homecoming game at my former high school.  Of course, being the old fart that I am, I didn’t know anyone on the court, but that wasn’t altogether surprising.  I like the high-school-football-atmosphere, the food and of course seeing old friends and classmates (with it being, you know…homecoming and all).  So imagine my shock when former classmate after former classmate walked right past me with absolutely no idea who I was.  Teachers I had spent entire semesters with responded to my enthusiastic greetings with a half-hearted, “oh, um…hi there”…


I grew up in a tiny town.  My graduating class only consisted of 66 people total.  I may not have been the most popular girl in school, but I actively participated in various extracurriculars.  I was even student council president!  And it’s not as though I’ve been out of school for decades…I graduated in 2006.  So why am I so obviously forgettable?  Why could people see right through me?  Could I have (perish the thought) peaked in highschool?

I don’t want to be the girl no one remembers.  I don’t want to fade into the background of my life.  I want to show up to my ten-year class reunion and have people recognize my face for heaven’s sake…

Recognize any familiar faces?

I don’t have a solution yet.  I don’t even have a plan.  I just know I’m not happy about being invisible, and I’m not prepared to accept that for myself.


Fall Favorites September 9, 2010

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Fall is here!!  Ok, I know it’s not official, but Labor Day has come and gone and that’s my unofficial mark of the end of summer.  Here’s a list of a few of the things that make me love Fall 2010:

-Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate

-These adorable sock monkey hats for children

-Harvest-y foods, like this yummy Apple Crumble Recipe

-Plaid western shirts are finally back in style (woohoo!)

-Preparing for Halloween (Check out these adorable pet costumes from Target!)

Happy Fall everyone!!


Throwing in the Towel August 17, 2010

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I never finish anything.

In fact, there’s a half-folded laundry basket of towels sitting on the coffee table in my living room at this very moment.  I quite literally walked away from them so that I could sit down and write this post.  Of course, I hate doing laundry so one might think that is why I found them so easy to walk away from, but I assure you it is not.  In fact, what really drove me to throw in the towel (ha ha) was the thought of this poor forgotten blog just sitting out here in cyberspace completely untouched since June.  JUNE, I tell you!  

The more I thought of the one lonesome post I’ve made to this blog, the more I realized I’ve not only made a pathetic attempt at writing, but I’ve made a pathetic attempt at nearly everything I’ve ever set out to do.

For example, my husband thinks it’s quite funny to ask me how my “oriental living room” is coming.  You see, about six months ago I decided I was going to redo our living room with an Asian theme.  I bought string lights, new curtains, gold and red paint…I was even going to make a mural out of ceramic tile in the form of the Chinese character for “family”.  Guess what?  It never happened.  The string lights sit, dust-covered, in the corner of my office.  The ceramic-tile-character-mural, despite my purchasing all of the materials for it, was never made.


It’s a question I’ve asked myself often.  Why do I allow myself to remain the eternal college sophomore?  Why do I have half a dozen half-read books sitting on my shelves?  Why haven’t I contributed to this blog since June?  Why do I find it acceptable to create excuse after excuse for my behavior?

I don’t have an answer.  My husband thinks it’s because I am too easily distracted (I think he might be implying that I’m a bit of a ditz, but he’s too kind to say it), but I think it’s because I’m trying to find myself.  I’m trying to understand who I am as an individual.  Maybe I thought I would like an Asian-themed living room, but I got it home and decided that, despite my undying love for General Tso’s chicken and bamboo, Asian-themed isn’t really my style.

Is this what I want though?  A life full of unfinished projects?

So I’m setting a goal for myself:  I will write at least one post every week for the next six months.  I can do this.  I must do this!  I will not allow my ditziness, my discontent, my whatever, to keep me from accomplishing anything in my life.  I may never finish my degree, but goddamnit I should be able to keep a weekly blog!

A weekly blog…I can do that.  All it takes is baby steps, right?  

Perhaps I should start with the load of towels waiting for me in my Americana living room.