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Winter Favorites! December 2, 2010

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Oh, it’s snowing in Western Pennsylvania!  Since it’s the beginning of winter and the holidays are right around the corner, I’m still in love with the idea of cold, wintry days (See me in February, though, and it will be a completely different story). 

With Hanukkah starting last night and Christmas just a few weeks away, I figured it was time for a few of my favorite things–Winter 2010 edition:

-Need help with gifts?  This bacon wallet cracked me up!  Love it, love this website

-It’s cold out there!  Warm up with some spiced apple cider (there’s even an “adult” version!)

-I love sending photos of my kids in with my Christmas cards.  Get inexpensive prints and great photo gift ideas here

-Give back!  This non-profit organization’s cause touched my heart.  For more information visit their website here

-Last year I made the New Year’s Resolution to start tweeting.  Become a part of the Twitter craze this holiday season!

-My Christmas decorations are kind of hit and miss.  For holiday decorating tips from the professionals at HGTV, visit their website!

-I don’t care what anyone says about how they look…Uggs are soooo cozy and make great gifts!

Happy Holidays everyone!


Travel, Turkey and Trouble with the In-Laws November 22, 2010

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I love the holidays.  LOVE THEM!  You already know how excited I get about food, so an entire day dedicated to eating, drinking and being merry is right up my alley.  I also love cooking.  Green bean casseroles, beer roasted turkey, and pies (oh god…the pies!) make me happy, happy, happy.

So why am I dreading the holidays this year?

One word:  In-laws.

Let me back up.

My in-laws and I have had a very up-and-down kind of relationship.  When I first started dating Steve, I got along with his family pretty well.  We went flea-marketing together, took road trips together, sat together at Steve’s football games and held up little signs saying how much we loved him.  We had fun together–honest!  I have video recordings to prove it!

And then I got pregnant.

Not to say they weren’t excited about becoming grandparents, because they WERE.  What they were not excited about was my way of being pregnant (next to no alcohol, no medications, no riding four-wheelers through trails across western Pennsylvania even when my father in-law insisted that it was perfectly safe to let the baby “jiggle around a little”, etc.).  Once I gave birth to Theron, it became worse.  WAY worse.  They thought I should bottle feed when I was strictly nursing, they thought I was too overprotective…Steve’s dad actually asked, “Why is it taking you so long to lose all that weight?”.

Uh, yeah.

Needless to say, we butt heads a bit.  By that I mean, I’m the mother and I make the rules.  If you don’t like it, too bad.  If you break my rules, you WILL hear about it and we WILL have a problem.  Period.

So now I’m a bitch, apparently.

Which is why I am NOT looking forward to spending hour after hour pretending I want to be stuck in a room with the lot of them this Thanksgiving.  What am I thankful for this year?  Going home!

Why do we have to spend Thanksgiving with our extended family?  Why can’t we make our own rules for how we spend the holidays?  I want to engorge myself with yummy food and sit around in my pajamas all day enjoying my children and a rare day off with my hubby. 


Well wherever you happen to spend your holidays this year, I hope you enjoy it.  Just in case you’re going to be stuck spending the holidays with people you don’t like, print off a few of these easy Thanksgiving coloring sheets from American Baby Magazine.  You’ll look like a young, fabulous Angelina Jolie while entertaining the kiddos and avoiding the chaos of the adults in the other room!


List Item #17 August 26, 2010

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I was recently inspired by my cousin (and dear friend), Nicole, to write a “30 before 30” list–a list of 30 things I wanted to do/see/accomplish before I turned 30 years of age  (to be honest, she was writing a 40 before 40 list, but again, I’m a bit of an underachiever).  My list includes all kinds of things:  Parasailing, rock climbing, travelling around the world…I thought it would be years before I accomplished any of them (I am, after all, notorious for leaving projects unfinished), so imagine my surprise when I got home from vacation this morning and realized I could scratch off not one list item, but TWO!

Let me backtrack: in a very uncharacteristic act of spontaneity, my husband and I decided to pack up the kids and drive to Virginia Beach for a few days (List Item #12)  Go on a road trip).  It was glorious!  The sand, the surf…the ability to walk around in a bikini…

List item #17)  Wear a bikini in public

Now, wearing a bikini may not be such a big deal for most young women in their 20’s, but I have given birth to two children.  Don’t get me wrong–I revel in my body’s ability to produce and sustain life.  I’m a mother, a goddess!  On the other hand, my poor 20-something body has totally trashed by the pregnancies and births of my children.  And by trashed I mean stretch marks, an “accordion” belly, and other horrors that shall not be mentioned here.

When we walked down to the beach I had my swimming suit on, but it was cleverly hidden underneath shorts and a tank top.  I had no intention of removing my clothes, but it’s hot in Virginia in the middle of August!  It’s hot and I have every right to wear whatever I feel like wearing!  I am a mother and a goddess, goddamnit…so off they went. 

And I haven’t felt so liberated in years.